Why own a real estate investment?

  • To rent the real estate and produce positive
    cash flow.

  • To resell the real estate for a profit.

There are lots of people out there hosting late night TV shows, selling expensive courses that will guarantee to make you rich and famous. Some of their promoters are now in jail, some who aren't deserve to be. So here are some simple tips that won't cost you a dime.

First of all you make your money when you buy, not when you sell. So finding the motivated seller who is willing to offer you a good deal in exchange for a quick sale is the single most important factor to your real estate investment success.

Surprise, surprise, most owners of real estate want to sell it for full fair market value. In fact many owners are so proud of their real estate they want you to pay MORE than fair market value. Most real estate sellers don't want to give you a 30% discount. However, this is what you need if you intend to fix up and resell the real estate for a profit. It's all about how you buy and evaluate the property ahead of time.